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[Art]Videographies is a visual art project that takes two different approaches to video.


DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership of this project. The artistic work behind this project is all credited to Andrés Marcial.

After I graduated from college I received a message from one of my teachers that taught me a course named Physical Interface Design or in Spanish Diseño de Interfaces Físicas. This course was an introduction to Arduino and interface design. This class had a very artistic component since it was taught mainly to students of design careers, but engineers sometimes take that class too as part of a minor requirement.

This teacher had told me that a friend of mine was working with him and that they needed an extra hand with an art project that had a technological aspect that needed an engineer to implement. I accepted and began working alongside them on Continuum.

Working in that project I met Andrés Marcial who's one of the artists that take part in that collective. He approached me asking for help fixing a project of his that had some software issues. I agreed to help him, and he gave me some equipment which included a Raspberry Pi computer and some old phones. That same night, I broke the SD card inside the computer and lost the software I was supposed to fix in the first place. 🤦‍♂️

Luckily he had shown me the program before going home, so I had a vague idea of what it did and how it did it, so rebuilding it myself wouldn't be too complicated.

The Idea

The project is a web application that plays a video in loop in-sync with the rest of clients that are watching it. The video has no audio but the page does play back different types of tracks that can be independently selected by the devices. The tracks and the video are all the same length, and they need to be played in-sync with the rest of the devices.

Additionally, some devices will act as motion detectors, so the media can be paused when nobody is in the room or resumed as soon as somebody enters.

The Implementation

The idea was fairly simple. A simple React single page application, a websocket for the sync logic, a webserver for both the frontend and the media, an Internet camera app on certain phones and Python with OpenCV to read the video feeds in parallel and some image diffing techniques to detect simple movement.

The Result

The development of the project was relatively straight forward, until it wasn't.

You see, I had to work with ancient devices, some of them running Android 3, an iPhone 4S, the latest one was running Android 8 and had a whopping 1GB of RAM. Mind you this happened at the end of 2023, so you can already imagine the age of these devices.

Why? Well,

  1. The high number of devices (about 16-20).
  2. The lower cost of the devices (some of them were even free).
  3. They're exposed to the public (less of a risk of having something stolen when it's worthless).
  4. It's part of the artistic expression. (Gives new life to what was once obsolete).

I hadn't counted with how old the devices were, and I ran into certain issues with compatibility.

Personally, I have never run into issues with website compatibility. I typically check caniuse to see if what I want to do can be supported by the different browsers and devices. Only this time I hadn't done that, because I ran with a problem with flexbox, more specifically with the flex: 1 directive which I've used plenty of times before.

It seems that flex: 1 was actually not well-supported back in the early 2010's because half the devices looked terrible. This is the first time I had to ever check for polyfill for CSS. I finally got it working fine in all the devices at the end.


Finally, working on this project was particular. It was my first time delving into artistic projects, and while I am not too creative myself, I found it entertaining and fulfilling to build systems this different.

This exposition was publicly available at the Contemporary Art Center of Quito for the BUAM from 2023 Q3 to 2024 Q1.

Videographies exposition.
Videographies exposition.

If you're interested in what the exposition looks like, check out Videographies 2022. Make sure to check the rest of Andrés Marcial's work.

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Christian (moonstar-x)

Hi there, my name is Christian, also known as moonstar-x online. I enjoy working on a variety of diverse projects, from implementing artistic ideas, contributing in some way to scientific research, or creating simple applications that people can use. I hope you enjoy reading about these projects as much as I enjoy building them!

Quito, Ecuador

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