Hi, I'm Christian, a soon-to-be software engineer with a passion for programming.

I spend my free time learning new technologies and developing fun stuff. I always commit my code to GitHub.

My Projects

Discord Bot Monitoring Service

Node.js, Discord.js, MongoDB, Docker

A monitoring bot that gives real-time feedback on the status of other bots on the same Discord server.

Discord Free Games Notifier

Node.js, Discord.js, Docker

A Discord bot that notifies servers when free games are offered on Epic Games and Steam.

Discord Music Player Bot

Node.js, Discord.js, Docker

A music playing bot with bandwidth-saving auto pausing with support for YouTube, SoundCloud, local files and Internet streams.

Discord Text-to-Speech Bot

Node.js, Discord.js, Docker

A Text-to-Speech bot with multi-language support through Google Translate, Microsoft TTS, Amazon TTS and Moonbase Alpha (DECTalk) integrations.

React Twitch Embeds

React, Typescript

A collection of components to embed Twitch.

React Mixer Embeds


Mixer embeds as React components.


Typescript, Node.js, Discord.js

A framework to facilitate the repetitive tasks when developing Discord bots with discord.js.

Timestamped Color Logger


Small logging library with timestamps and color support.

Discord Support Ticketing Bot

Node.js, Discord.js, Docker

A Discord bot for creating, managing and logging private ticketing support channels.


Svelte, Express, LevelDB, Docker

A webapp to frame other sites. Useful for having a central place for all self-hosted sites.

Garry's Mod' Prop Hunt Mapvote Binding


A binding of a custom mapvote system for the popular game mode Prop Hunt of Garry's Mod.

A Little Bit About Myself


Hello! My name is Christian López, but my online nickname is moonstar-x.

I'm a 23 year old computer science college student who loves anything related to computers. I'm from Quito, Ecuador and currently studying in the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Generally, I spend my free time working on small personal projects to learn as much as possible, this includes programming and designing. I work mostly with JavaScript and TypeScript, but I can make my way around Python, Java, Lua and C#.

I can speak English, Spanish, French, a little Portuguese, and I'm now learning Korean.